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During summer, having a functional air conditioning system in your home or business can be extremely important. An AC unit can help make your living space comfortable or boost the productivity of your employees. Unfortunately, your AC system might get damaged over time and require air conditioner repair from AC service experts.


Our experienced AC service technicians at Supreme Plumbing have been helping clients for more than 60 years. We offer quality products and air conditioning service that guarantee client satisfaction. When you call us, our AC service repair experts will do a complete assessment of your AC to learn what’s causing it to malfunction. View AC maintenance tips here.


What Causes Damage to Your AC

Several factors may be causing damage to your AC system. It is important to remember that not everyone has the expertise to do air conditioner repair and your AC may incur more damage due to mishandling. When you turn to our AC service repair technicians, they will inspect the cause of damage to your AC system and will provide the needed AC service.


Dirty Coils

Our air conditioning repair experts know that your air conditioning system will incur dirt over time. Soil and dust usually build up in your AC’s condenser coil, the part of the system that cools down and condenses incoming refrigerant vapor into liquid.


If your AC has dirty coils, your home won’t cool properly. When you observe dirt buildups in your AC condenser coil, it might be time to hire AC service from an expert technician who will do the cleaning for you.


Low Refrigerant

Your AC system’s refrigerant absorbs heat from indoor air. When the pressure in the refrigerant is too low, you might feel that your system is blowing hot instead of cool air. This might require air conditioning repair from an AC service expert.


When you hire an air conditioning service repairman, he or she will assess your system to check the cause of low pressure. Usually, leaks are the culprit, and if they are, simply adding refrigerant might not do the trick. An air conditioning service technician can fix leaks, test components, and add the right amount of refrigerant to your AC system.


Electrical Problems

Air conditioning repair may also be necessary if your AC causes your circuit breaker to trip regularly. If this is the case, your unit might be drawing too much power and may not be properly matched with your home’s voltage.


Our air conditioning service technicians know that the common causes for this issue are faulty wirings or motor problems. If you suspect that your AC needs to be checked for such, hire an AC service provider for assistance.


We Are Ready to Help With HVAC in Terre Haute

We are known in Terre Haute for air conditioning service that speaks of quality and high standards from knowledgeable and well-trained AC service repairmen. If your AC needs to be checked or repaired, call us and we’ll provide you with dependable air conditioning service. Click here to learn more about our services.


We also offer HVAC repair and replacement system installation for our clients in Terre Haute. HVAC repair technicians from our company will be glad to help you any time of the day.


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