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During summer, you want to make sure that your air conditioning unit is working properly. A defective or malfunctioning air conditioner won’t be able to cool down the temperature to provide you with the comfort that you need during the day or night.


Thus, it is always important to properly maintain your unit and check it for possible damages from time to time. It is also imperative to know when it already needs a repair from air conditioning repair experts. At Supreme Plumbing, we only hire people with technical knowledge about HVAC repairs. View AC maintenance tips here.


Proper AC Unit Maintenance

Your air conditioner needs several parts working together for it to function. It is only necessary to give proper attention to these components. The following must be included in your air conditioning unit repair and care checklist:


  • Dirty Air Conditioner Filters

Your air conditioner’s filter is one of the easiest parts to check and replace. Even if you are not an expert in air conditioning service repair, you can do it by yourself by following instructions in your AC unit’s manual. Nonetheless, cleaning the filter is something that you must do on a regular basis.


Depending on your usage of your air conditioner, 1-2 months is the ideal time frame to check the filter for any dust buildup. After all, blocked filters require more effort from your unit. Cleaning your filters will ensure that your air conditioner will work more efficiently and economically, helping lower your electricity bills.


More importantly, making sure that your unit’s filter is free from dirt will help you save money on air conditioning repairs.


  • Soiled Air Conditioner Coils

An AC system has two coils, the evaporator coil and the condenser coil. Both coils play a huge role in your unit’s cooling cycle: the evaporator coil has a refrigerant that absorbs heat, which the condenser coil releases as cold air.


It is important to monitor them constantly and make sure that they are clean. Debris like dust and soil building up in the coil can block airflow and insulate the coil, causing it to absorb less heat. An air conditioning service repair might be needed to solve this problem.


  • Broken Coil Fins

Upon closer inspection, you can see that the condenser and evaporator coils are composed of several aluminum fins. These fins can get bent over time, causing the airflow to get blocked through the coil. With neglect, the fins may also break and ruin the structure of the coil.


Thus, it is of the utmost importance to check them regularly for proper maintenance. An HVAC repair expert can provide assistance in checking the fins and has the expertise to repair them when they get damaged.


  • Damaged Window Seals

When you have your AC installed in your wall, you will notice that there is a seal between your unit’s metal case and your window frame. This keeps your unit in place and inhibits cool air from leaving your house through any gaps.


If you use your system on a regular basis, moisture might damage these seals, thus allowing cool air to exit through the small openings. This is something you can check on your own.


Nonetheless, you might still need new window seals installed. In that case, make sure to contact an HVAC repair expert with knowledge in air conditioning service repair.


  • Burned Wiring

It is also important to look at your AC system’s wiring from time to time. Due to constant use, the wiring in your unit might get damaged due to overheating.


Looking for signs like melted insulation wires, blackened or burned-looking wires, and the like will surely help in avoiding further damages. If you observe one of these signs, it is crucial to call a technician for a maintenance service.


  • Clogged Drains

The condensate drains remove moisture produced by the AC’s evaporator coil. If they are clogged, there might be a buildup of algae and other types of muck. Passing a stiff wire in your unit’s drain channels is one way to dislodge some of the unnecessary elements present in the drain.


Hiring AC Technicians for Help

Not everyone has the technical know-how on repairing an AC unit. If you think that your unit has any of the conditions stated above and needs a maintenance service, hiring experts with experience in HVAC repair is highly recommended.


Other Services We Offer

Our technicians at our West Terre Haute office are also knowledgeable with other applications. These include heat pumps, high-efficiency furnaces, boilers, and geothermal systems.


We also offer replacement of air conditioners for West Terre Haute residents who need new units. When you call us, we will be glad to assist you in finding the most cost-efficient, energy saving system for your property. Click here to learn more about us.


If your electric heating unit at home is experiencing problems, turn to us for a maintenance service. For the installations of new units, our West Terre Haute heating experts would be glad to offer you a free estimate as well.


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