Fireplaces and Cozying Up Your Home

Have you always dreamed of having a cozy fireplace to keep your home warm and inviting? Do you have an old fireplace that needs a repair or replacement? Or are you considering switching your current fireplace from wood burning to gas or electric?

Supreme Fireplace & Hearth is proud to help cozy up your home for the winter with our fireplace and hearth installation, repair, and replacement services!

Supreme Fireplace and Hearth can help fulfill your vision for a cozy fireplace. Our experienced team is trained in the installation, repair, and replacement of the following types of fireplaces:

  • Wood Burning Fireplaces – The traditional fireplace with a crackling fire. These fireplaces heat the home by burning wood logs and are well known for their smell, sound, and feel. However, they do require the most maintenance and installation can be pricey if your home doesn’t have a chimney.
  • Gas Fireplaces – These fireplaces burn natural gas to produce heat. They provide a cleaner, more traditional look with less cleanup and maintenance than a wood burning fireplace. Gas fireplace inserts can also be used to replace older, inefficient wood burning fireplaces.
  • Electric Fireplace – Electric fireplaces are the easiest and most cost-effective to install for homeowners. They run off of electricity by being plugged into your home’s electrical outlets and are available in a variety of models to fit your needs. We have several variations in our showroom.

Visit Our Fireplace & Hearth Showroom

Whether you’re building your dream home, looking to add a fireplace to your current home or update and replace an existing fireplace, we can design the perfect fireplace and hearth for you! Visit our Supreme Fireplace & Hearth Showroom to see our models in person and learn more about the fireplace and hearth brands that we carry.

Have questions about fireplace installation, repair, or replacement? Contact our Supreme Fireplace and Hearth team to learn more about how we can cozy up your home with a warm and working fireplace!