Behind the Scenes at Supreme PHC With Owner Wes Isbell

Since 1956, Supreme Plumbing, Heating and Cooling has served both residential and commercial customers with the highest quality furnace repair and replacement, air conditioning repairs, plumbing services and more

When customers count on your business to deliver excellent service and quality products, you need someone to steer the ship. This is done by Wes Isbell, the 3rd generation owner of Supreme PHC, and now Fireplace & Hearth.

Keep reading to learn more about Wes’ work processes, inspirations, and vision for Supreme.

Early Influences and Memories

Wes’ early memories of his dad’s business influenced his decision to choose a career in HVAC and fireplace services. 

“My earliest memories would be in grade school when my parents were doing an addition to our house. I would go down in the crawlspace after school while the guys were doing the HVAC and plumbing to see what they were doing, and I loved getting to interact with the guys,” he shares. 

“Another thing I enjoyed was going to the office. Every little boy is always fascinated/amused by machinery and equipment stored in the warehouse.”

Finding Consistency and Routine

Running a business is a lot of work—especially in a field like HVAC and fireplaces that requires skill in more than one area. 

For most businesses, having daily routines and patterns is the key to success. However, when your work is dependent on customer service, it can sometimes be hard to find consistency.

“Being in the service industry, the customer calls and we have to figure out how to get there if it’s an emergency. The schedule for the day can change with just one phone call, and we have to be able to pick up quickly and adapt to whatever comes our way,” Wes explains. 

Besides the unpredictability of the schedule, some parts of the day are pretty routine at Supreme. 

“Our technicians leave the office at 8:00 AM, and I ask them to be here no later than 7:45 AM so we can discuss the calls/problems for the day. With that comes our daily camaraderie as a whole team,” Wes shares.

Standing the Test of Time Through Values

As the HVAC industry continues to change and evolve, so does Supreme. Wes Isbell notes how the dynamic and culture within Supreme has changed; particularly from the result of mixing generations. 

“When you add a younger generation into the mix with fresh ideas, it definitely mixes things up. We’re a small family, and we try to carry our family values in our daily processes and also in our customer interactions,” he says.

Wes’ grandfather started Supreme in 1956, and his father, Steve, took over in 1982. Wes believes that the team’s core values—customer service and quality workmanship—are what has helped the business stand the test of time.

“We treat our customers the way we’d want to be treated,” Wes says. “Any job worth doing, is worth doing right—and if we make a mistake, we stand behind our work and make it right.”

Setting Supreme Apart From Other Companies

The HVAC field is competitive. In order to find success, it’s vital to stand out among competitors, and show customers what’s special about your business. 

“We are a diverse company in all aspects—from HVAC to Plumbing to Fireplaces, from residential to commercial, from service to installation,” Wes explained. 

“We have the knowledge and capability to do all of these things and do them well, but it all stems from service. You’d be surprised how many customers call us and say, ‘I’m glad you answered your phone, showed up when you said you would and actually did the job.’ That is probably the biggest disconnect in the service industry between businesses and the actual consumers.”

The Future Goals of Supreme

Having aspirations 5, 10, or even 20 years from now is something many business owners have. However, the unpredictability of the future gives Wes Isbell pause—in a good way.

“I have a vision where I would like to see us in 10 years, but I would like to think I’m wrong, and that we’d be leaps and bounds past what I see,” says Wes. 

“In all reality though, we’re a growing company with consistently steady growth, which I think is just right. I have seen some companies grow too fast, then things get out of control. How do you keep the pace you are used to when the job opportunity isn’t there? That’s not a decision I would like to face myself with. Slow and steady wins the race in my opinion.”

The Most Rewarding Part of Being a Business Owner

With so many responsibilities, teammates, and memories, Wes explains that it’s tough to choose his favorite part of being the owner. 

“Being an owner isn’t always a bed of roses—always having decisions to make, questions to answer, and things to worry about. But once you get past that, it’s always gratifying to start something new, execute a plan, and watch your team make it work. I call that a success,” he says.

“It’s always a plus to get to interact with our customers and be able to help and solve their problems.”

Proud Moments as a Business Owner

After so many years of overseeing a successful operation, there’s always moments to look back on with pride. Wes Isbell recalls two moments in particular. 

“The first thing I pride myself on is working here as a kid in the field all the way through college. That taught me discipline, work ethic, and to learn all aspects of the trades we do,” he says. 

“It’s satisfying to go to customers’ homes for a sales call and see a furnace or AC that I installed years ago—and the customer remembering that I was there as a kid to install that system. Full circle later, here I am selling them a new one!”  

“The second proudest moment would be opening our Fireplace and Hearth division. It’s always scary putting yourself out there trying to start something new, not knowing what the future holds,” Wes says. “But the future has been bright with the fireplaces. It has opened so many doors for us as a company, being able to offer so much more to our existing customers along with gaining new ones.”

Superior Products, Core Values, Hard Work and Dedication; That’s the Supreme Difference

Regardless of what Supreme looks like in 5, 10, or even 20 years, Wes Isbell is looking forward to what’s next for the Supreme team.

“I am excited for what the future holds for everyone here at Supreme,” he says. 

At Supreme, we’re devoted to upholding our values to satisfy our customers. Between outstanding service and high quality products, our business is unmatched by any other company. Contact us today for more information about our services.