4 Signs That You Need a New Faucet

Your faucets are probably some of the most used pieces of plumbing in your home. From cleaning to drinking, your faucet is an essential part of making sure your home operates smoothly. That’s why if your faucet starts to wear out and experience problems, you should replace it before it becomes a huge hassle. Here are the four signs that you may need to replace your faucet.

1. It Keeps Leaking

The first sign that you should replace your faucet? It keeps leaking, no matter how much you fix it. That annoying drip, drip, drip isn’t the only problem when it comes to leaks, but it can also lead to mold growth and damage your walls and cabinets. And while it’s often possible to fix a leaky faucet, sometimes it isn’t. If you keep having to fix it, it’s not worth spending the money when it is easier and can save you time and money in the long run to replace it.

2. It’s Really Old

Nothing lasts forever, and your faucet is no exception. The older that it gets, the less effective it becomes, and it often starts running into more problems. Generally, lifespan can depend on the make and model of your specific faucet; however, if your faucet is over 15 years old, it’s time to be replaced.

3. Visible Mineral Deposits

When your faucet is exposed to hard water sources, mineral deposits can often build up and cause it to perform less efficiently. This buildup can lead to significant damage internally and externally, affecting the finish, flanges, gaskets, metal, and filters. While water softeners can help mineral deposits from building up, it’s time to get the faucet replaced once they are significantly visible.

4. It’s Gotten Rusty

Does your faucet stick or crack when you move it? Does it take a few seconds for the water to come out when you turn it on? These are all signs that indicate internal rusting and corrosion in your faucet, and it can often build up internally before it is visible. Once your faucet has broken down and rusted enough, there isn’t much to do to fix it besides replacing it.

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