7 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs to Be Replaced

Those hot summer days are officially here, and we bet that you’ve finally started turning on your air conditioner—or at the very least started thinking about it. However, have you started to notice some unusual things with your air conditioning unit? Just like most appliances, air conditioners tend to show warning signs when they are failing and will need to be replaced. If you’ve started to notice any of the 7 signs we mention below with your air conditioner, it might be time to start preparing to purchase a new air conditioner before yours fails. 

1. Lack of Cool Air & Airflow

If it starts taking forever for your air conditioner to cool down your home, or there is a lack of cool air in general, that is one of the most obvious signs that it is time for a replacement. Whether it is due to a mechanical problem or a clog in the ductwork, if your air conditioner is not producing cool air, or if the airflow is limited, it is a sign of a serious issue that is likely not easily repaired.

2. Strange Sounds

Next time your air conditioner is on, take a listen. Most air conditioner units are so quiet you might not even notice them running. However, if you notice strange sounds like grinding, squeaking, squealing, scraping, or loud pops and bangs, that can often be a sign of a bigger problem within your air conditioning unit and that it will soon need to be replaced.

3. Poor Air Quality & Foul Smells

Your air conditioner should be putting our clean, neutral-smelling air, but if a problem exists within your unit, not only can it produce a foul odor, but it can also lower the air quality in your home. If you notice a smokey, burning, or musty smell this is a sign that there is a serious problem that can be harmful to you and your home. Or, if you notice more dust and higher humidity levels, your air conditioner might not be ventilating properly, allowing for allergens and pollutants to enter your home.

4. High Energy Bills

Suppose you noticed that your energy bills skyrocket when your air conditioner is on. In that case, it is an indication that your unit is not working properly or efficiently, using more energy than it should to keep your home cool. Replacing it with a new air conditioner can help keep your home comfortable while lowering your energy costs and saving you money.

5. Age

The lifespan of your air conditioner is reliant on a lot of factors, including how well it was maintained over the years and things like the weather and elements it was exposed to. However, age itself can be a good enough reason to consider a replacement. The average air conditioner has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. If your air conditioner is around that age, you should start saving and preparing to purchase a new unit.

6. Frequent Breakdowns & Repairs

If you do routine maintenance on your air conditioner like you should be doing, you shouldn’t have frequent breakdowns or repairs. However, if you do, you should start considering replacing your unit. Frequent breakdowns can add up, and at some point, it will be more cost-effective to purchase a new unit rather than continuously repairing it.

7. Moisture Buildup

All air conditioners create moisture, but you shouldn’t notice it when your unit is functioning correctly. However, if moisture is building up or you notice a leak, it can lead to mold growth or potential home hazards. If it can’t be easily repaired, it’s time to consider replacing it.

Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner? Call Supreme!

A new air conditioner doesn’t have to be an unexpected expense. By paying attention to the warning signs we mentioned, you can know when it’s time to prepare for an air conditioner replacement.

If you suspect that you need a new air conditioner, give Supreme a call! Our experienced HVAC technicians can help to find the right replacement to keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long.