Common Plumbing Problems & Quick Fixes

From clogged drains to running toilets, there are several common plumbing problems and solutions.

While a pain in the neck, here’s a guide on all the different possible plumbing issues, and our advice on how to fix them!

Water Leaks

Other than being annoying, dripping faucets, showers, and pipes can cause damage if not addressed quickly. These types of water leaks are often caused by:

  • blockages,
  • clogs, 
  • improper installation, 
  • worn-out washers or O rings, 
  • or corrosion.

Blockages or Clogs

A blockage or clog occurs in the drain pipes or main sewer lines beneath the ground. Blockages or clogs are typically caused by grease, hair, or other solid materials. Another cause could also be a failing sump pump in your basement.  

Luckily, there is a simple way to prevent backups from blockages and clogs. Try to avoid allowing anything, except toilet paper, to go down your drains and toilets. Additionally, you can install drain catches throughout your house. 

Even so, you might still run into a blockage or clog, and you’ll need a quick fix for it. One thing you can try is running hot water through your plumbing system for 10 minutes. This might not solve the issue entirely, however; which means you can try using a plunger to clear the clogged drains. 

However, the best, and most secure way to be sure the blockage is clear, is to have a plumbing professional snake your drain. 

Worn-Out Washers and O Rings

If your sink, faucet, or shower is dripping or leaking from a worn-out washer or O ring, there’s an easy fix. Simply replacing the washer or O ring will likely solve the problem. You can do this by removing the faucet cap or shower head and finding the O ring or washer. 

Bring it to your local plumbing parts store, like Home Depot or Ace Hardware, and find a match to replace it. 

Improper Installation and Corrosion

If you believe that your water leak is related to improper installation or corrosion, we suggest calling a plumbing professional to assess the situation and provide service to solve the problem. 

Call Supreme PHC at 1-812-234-4845 if you notice corrosion or improper installation. 

Water Heater Issues

What happens when your water heater stops working or isn’t providing enough hot water? This can be due to multiple reasons, including:

  • heating element failure,
  • corrosion, 
  • sediment buildup, 
  • electrical issues, 
  • improper installation, or 
  • incorrect size/type for your home. 

Once you’ve identified the issue with your water heater, you should call a professional to address the issue to avoid making the problem worse.

Supreme PHC can assist you with water heater repair or replacement; contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Other Plumbing Issues

Supreme PHC offers many plumbing services. Including the following list:

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