Why Experience Matters with HVAC Installation and Repair

How can you choose an HVAC contractor? Getting an HVAC unit (or system) repaired or replaced can be a daunting task. It’s important to know all you can about getting one installed before you start. 

Below, we outlined some questions to ask your HVAC contractor, the difference between commercial and residential HVAC units, and why hiring an experienced HVAC contractor is important.

What to Ask Your HVAC Contractor

There are a variety of questions to ask your HVAC contractor before starting with them. However, here are some of the most important ones to ask that will guide you on how to choose an HVAC contractor: 

  • Do you follow guidelines set forth by the International Coding Council?
  • Will there be clear communication during the installation process, as well as afterward on how to operate my HVAC system?
  • Will you test the air ducts for leakage and will you test other components of the HVAC system?

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The Difference Between Commercial and Residential HVAC Units

While there are some differences between commercial and residential HVAC units, there are a few variables they have in common.

Building Codes for HVAC Systems

No matter the type of HVAC system you want to be installed, they all need to follow the building codes. Equipment sizing, efficiency ratings, duct design, and mechanical ventilation have to follow building codes set forth by the International Code Council (ICC). 

In addition to the building codes created by the ICC, state and local jurisdictions must adopt these codes and enforce them. 

HVAC Installation Considerations

Before installing a residential or commercial HVAC unit, you need to keep these considerations in mind:

  • Make sure you have the correct unit size for your building, keeping in mind the heating and cooling loads. Your contractor, like our team at Supreme, is able to do this for you.
  • Investigate your current ductwork, and upgrade it as needed.
  • Mark where you want your HVAC unit, whether it’s outside or inside.

Repairs and Maintenance Costs

It’s important to know the costs of repairing and maintaining your HVAC system. If you have a residential HVAC system, standard service is between $75 to $200. However, if you have a commercial HVAC system, some companies will offer a flat rate between $100 to $200; others will charge an hourly rate between $75 and $150. 

When it comes to repairs of your HVAC unit, it’s tough to gauge the cost of repairs until the problem has occurred. Therefore, it’s best to keep at least $400 saved in case of a simple repair and to expect at least two simple repairs in your HVAC unit’s lifetime. 

The Importance of an Experienced HVAC Contractor

Choosing an HVAC contractor, like the ones at Supreme, means that you’ll have someone that knows their way around HVAC installation and maintenance. 

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