Is Your Sump Pump Ready for Summer Storms?

The summertime means summer storms here in Indiana. If you have a sump pump in your home, is it ready to handle the heavy downpour?

A sump pump is a plumbing device typically located in the lower levels of a house that helps to remove excess water from entering your home. However, a malfunctioning sump pump is a disaster waiting to happen, potentially leading to costly water damage, mold growth, and ruined homes. 

Luckily, you can do a few things to prepare and make sure your sump pump is ready for the summer storm season.

Check Your Power

A sump pump needs electricity to run, so it’s important to ensure that yours is getting enough power to run efficiently. If you often run into problems with outages in your home during a storm, you should consider investing in a generator that can provide power to your home in case of an emergency. 

Test the Pump

One way to make sure your pump is ready to go is to test it and make sure it is working properly. Open the lid of your sump pump and pour enough water in it to make the float move upwards. A working sump pump should immediately kick in to start pumping water out. If it doesn’t, you should call a professional like us to come to take a closer look.

Inspection & Maintenance

Maintenance is the key to making sure everything in your home runs smoothly, and the same is true for your sump pump. A well-maintained sump pump should last you a decade or longer, so you must regularly inspect and do maintenance on it. Unplug your pump and carefully clean out the dirt, sediment, and buildup from all accessible parts. If you notice rust, corrosion, or debris signs, it might be time to get it replaced.

Check Your Pump Frequently

While you should do at least one inspection on your sump pump before the summer, you should also make sure you are frequently checking it, especially after a big storm. This will give you the peace of mind that it is working correctly and ready for when the next storm hits so you can avoid any unpleasant surprises. 

Need to get your sump pump ready for the next storm? Give Supreme a call!

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