Is Your AC Unit Healthy? How to Inspect Your HVAC Unit

Is AC healthy? Did you know that your HVAC system can affect you and your family’s health? 

While HVAC systems can help beat heat illnesses and other respiratory issues, the air conditioner in your home right now can also collect bacteria, dust, and mold. Without proper filtration and ventilation, these harmful allergens and bacteria can make you and your family sick without you even realizing it.

Below, we detail how these allergens make their way into your home, how to avoid it, the health benefits of air conditioning, and how yearly HVAC inspections can go a long way for your health and wallet. 

Is AC Healthy? 

During the winter months, extra germs in your house often cause the common cold or the flu. These germs can stick around in your home longer than normal, when your HVAC system is unhealthy. 

Additionally, an unhealthy HVAC system can cause poor air quality due to harmful bacteria particles. All of this can negatively affect you, your family, and even your pets. 

How to Avoid Negative Health Effects of A/C

To keep your home free of germs, mold, bacteria, and other harmful allergens, you should have your HVAC system professionally inspected at least once a year. 

Regular home system maintenance can also benefit your home’s health; this includes A/C and heating maintenance. 

For A/C Maintenance 

  1. Make sure the outside A/C unit isn’t blocked or covered by debris or landscaping. 
  2. Make sure the foundation of the A/C unit is stable and unshifted.
  3. Clean the system drain and cap by removing debris and dirt.
  4. Change the air filter once every 1-3 months.

For Heating Maintenance

  1. Turn on your heat a few times throughout the year to make sure it’s working properly; you don’t want to find it malfunctioning when it’s already cold outside. 
  2. Make sure your boiler flame is always lit. The flame should be blue, and shouldn’t flicker.
  3. Insulate your external boiler pipe.
  4. Make sure your carbon monoxide monitor is working properly to detect any issues with your heating system.

The Health Benefits of Air Conditioning

When you keep your HVAC unit clean, you can ensure that your house emits good air quality, free of unhealthy allergens. Healthy HVAC units do this by helping keep mold from building up. This will benefit your family, and even your pets! 

Health benefits from A/C include:

  • Reduced humidity
  • Decreased dehydration
  • Reduced risk of stroke. 

Additionally, maintaining a healthy A/C unit can also reduce the risk of asthma attacks, and thwart insect and parasite infestation. 

Is Your AC Healthy? Maintain Home Health By Hiring an HVAC Professional

While HVAC units can provide health benefits and relief, failing to maintain your HVAC system can have significant health defects. 

Our team of expert HVAC contractors can answer all of your HVAC questions, inspect and maintain your HVAC system. Learn about our available specials, and contact us today!